Work is progressing on delivering investment of over £82M in Skegness and Mablethorpe through a number of exciting and transformational projects. 

The plans for this investment, which brings together £48.4M in Town Deal funding and an additional £34.4M in match funding for both towns, have been highlighted in this year’s Connected Coast annual reports which were unveiled at two AGM and Exhibition events this month.

The events, taking place at the Embassy Theatre and the Dunes Complex in Mablethorpe, also provided the opportunity for people to find out more about the individual projects that are being made possible thanks to the investment .

These projects include Skegness’ flagship Learning Campus development which is set to be an economic game changer for the area. The campus  – which is being delivered in partnership with Skegness TEC – has been allocated £14M in Towns Funding and will see the creation of a new, state of the art learning campus that will provide a vibrant environment where young people and adults will be inspired to learn and thrive.

Meanwhile, the Campus for Future Living is a flagship project with high ambitions to put Mablethorpe at the forefront of medical technology and innovation; offering a centre for health and care related teaching, training, research, and development

Some of the other transformational work highlighted at the AGM and Exhibition events and in the annual reports include the refurbishment of Skegness railway station with East Midlands Railway, a new leisure and learning hub at Mablethorpe, and improvements to both towns through projects led by Heritage Lincolnshire.

We have a unique opportunity to bring improvements that meet the needs of Skegness and Mablethorpe, now and into the future, through the significant investment that has been allocated and identified for both towns.

Through our annual reports, and the AGM and Exhibition events that we hosted, we’ve been keen to update people on our progress and the huge potential ahead.
The projects that we are delivering have been shaped with community feedback, and will bring far reaching benefits for local people, and for visitors to Skegness and Mablethorpe.

We are grateful to everyone who joined us at the events, and we look forward to providing more opportunities for people to get involved in future.

Chris BaronChair of Connected Coast Town Deal Board

Through the Government’s Levelling Up agenda, we are able to bring huge investment opportunities to the Lincolnshire Coast which will be transformational for our communities.

Through working with partners, including the Connected Coast Town Deal Board, we are helping to improve people’s lives and grow the local economy.

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM and exhibition events and we look forward to keeping you updated as these projects progress over the coming months.

Cllr LeylandLeader East Lindsey District Council

A copy of the Skegness annual report can be found here: and the Mablethorpe annual report is here: 

Anyone wanting to find out more about Connected Coast and its work can visit the website: Home – Connected Coast or email to receive regular updates on Connected Coast’s work. In addition, Connected Coast is on social media: Connected Coast | Facebook or Connected Coast: Overview | LinkedIn or @ConnectedCoastL on Twitter.

Mablethorpe AGM
Skegness AGM
Skegness AGM

The photos are of the Skegness and Mablethorpe AGM and Exhibition events.