The redevelopment of the Colonnade and Pleasure Gardens has the potential to be a game changer for Sutton on Sea, bringing facilities, opportunities, and investment that will truly transform this area for the benefit of both residents and visitors alike. 

The historic Colonnade and Pleasure Gardens have been visited and enjoyed by so many people over the years, and we know that the local community has been keen to see improvements that make the most of both of these sites; with Towns Funding of £4.2M confirmed for the Colonnade and Pleasure Gardens we have a huge opportunity to bring about these improvements.

East Lindsey District Council and Connected Coast have been committed to finding a solution that will achieve our ambitions. Listening to local residents and finding out their views about both the Colonnade and Pleasure Gardens has been really important and the feedback that the community has given has helped to shape the plans. Involving local people will continue to be vital as we progress through the project.

We’ve also been collaborating with the Environment Agency to ensure that the development doesn’t negatively impact the vital function and integrity of the adjacent sea defences. And, I’m pleased to say that together, East Lindsey District Council and the Environment Agency have agreed an approach.

We have a way forward for the Colonnade and Pleasure Gardens, which has been captured in the designs that were recently submitted for planning consent. These plans have evolved into what we have now and include recent revisions such as a unique promenade access. With the building set back to ensure safety around sea defences, this will connect the promenade to the new buildings while maintaining access to the seafront.

In the revised designs, we’re also pleased to include a Changing Places toilet, and a first-floor viewing platform within the main pavilion as well as two new craft studios beneath the overnight lodges. 

Meanwhile, the Pleasure Gardens are set to be enhanced to create new sensory play facilities for children, additional seating areas, and space for pop-up events and markets. There’ll also be planting and community gardens, a new dunes landscape and additional walkways. And, what’s more, the plans will keep the popular paddling pool, water feature, and tennis courts.

Subject to approval, the work on the redevelopment could start around Easter 2023, finishing approximately a year later. When complete, the Colonnade and Pleasure Gardens will be transformed, for local people and tourists to visit and experience. We expect that the reinvigorated sites will attract visitors into Sutton on Sea who will be able to enjoy everything the local area has to offer.

We are at an important and exciting milestone, and with the designs, we are one step closer to turning the vision into reality at Sutton on Sea. Working with and listening to the community will continue to be important, and we will keep everyone updated in the months and years to come as we work towards maximising the huge potential of the Colonnade and the Pleasure Gardens.

By Claire Draper, Vice-Chair of Connected Coast and Director of Finance at Fantasy Island.