Eden Mason – Local Musician

We wanted to get a young person’s perspective on what was needed in the town. Young musician Eden Mason makes his own sounds at home and has a huge online following, but wants to see studio or recording facilities for people his age in the town.



Ben Peel – Skegness Resident

The arts and culture are central to the Towns Fund and contribute hugely to the tourism offering that both Skegness and Mablethorpe enjoy. 

We talked to local performer and Skegness resident, Ben Peel to find out what he’d like to see in the area. 



Chris Baron – Butlins

Tourism is one of the central reasons that Skegness and Mablethorpe thrive for the Summer season every year. We spoke to Butlins’ Chris Baron to ask what he would like to see to ensure the area remains strong in this regard with help from the Towns Fund. 

 Patrick Sweeney – Skegness Resident

Skegness attracts a great many people who come to live in the town after visiting throughout their life. We spoke to resident Patrick Sweeney, formerly of the West Midlands, to see why he loves living here and what he’d like to see for local people if the Towns Fund could be used.

 Canon Chris Lilley – Mabelthorpe 

The needs of Mablethorpe and Sutton-On-Sea are also important to the Connected Coast and we talked with Canon Chris Lilley, a long-time resident and local religious leader to see what he’d like to see if investment were made available for the area. 

 Dawn Asplen – Skegness Resident

We spoke to Skegness resident, Dawn Asplen to find out what she would like to see in the town. Dawn came to live in the town after being bowled over by its people and wants to see it thrive. 


Helen Matthews – Sutton-On-Sea

The environment, nature and using our natural resources to enhance our existing tourism offering on the coast is what Helen Matthews, a councillor for Sutton-On-Sea would like to see in the area if investment was made available. 

 Judy Chapman – Skegness Partnership CIC

Business and how it is intrinsically-linked to the success of the Connected Coast is an important issue and one that we wanted to ask Judy Chapman, who has years of experience in speaking to Skegness businesses about when seeking out ways to use the Towns Fund. 

 Sid Dennis – Skegness PRG

Chair of Skegness PRG and local businessman Sid Dennis explains why the Towns Fund needs to take an overarching view of redevelopment in the town, speaking about heritage, transport and why he loves the town. 

 Angela Dobson – Lincolnshire CVS

The needs of the voluntary sector across the Connected Coast are being considered as part of the Towns Fund. Angela Dobson, who has first-hand experience of helping support and develop a lot of the tourism businesses that rely on such services, gives her opinion. 

 Sam Bradshaw – Mablethorpe Resident and YouTuber

Sam, a Mablethorpe resident, is a YouTuber and works in social media for a living. He explains that while the town is a pleasant place to live, more needs to be done to address connectivity and internet reliability.

Sam makes his own content and would like to see 5G connectivity. 



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