Projects as Additional Catalysts: Campus for Future Living

When considering the Town Investment Plans that the Connected Coast handed to the
Government late last year, one of the key aspects that we wanted to highlight and
emphasise was the fact that the Towns Fund and its associated project will act as catalysts
for the future.

By catalysts, we not only mean investment from the private sector and more opportunities to
bid for Government tranches, but the catalyst for ideas, new partnerships and initiatives that
will improve and lay the foundations for the future.

Our myriad of projects are making an impact already, and we envisage that they will
continue to do so, but one project already attracting attention is the Campus For Future

The Campus for Future Living is the landmark project in the Mablethorpe Town Deal,
harnessing the intrinsic link between health, wellbeing and economic prosperity and has
inspired enthusiasm, excitement and commitment locally, regionally and nationally.

As a beacon for change and a system-wide opportunity to turn challenges and weaknesses
facing our place into nationally significant strengths, the Campus for Future Living will have
local relevance and impact, and national reach and influence.

The project has been a catalyst, a coalition of partners with ambitions to create a national
centre – an anchor point which not only supports better health, wellbeing and prosperity for
the town’s residents, but also attracts health care workers, innovates digitally and
encourages technology development which when all brought together, empowers the

One such partner it has attracted is NHS Scotland and the Remote and Rural Health Care
Alliance, who are planning a Centre of Excellent in remote medicine on the Isle Of Skye’s,
who approached Health Education England recently to try and find a similar location where
rural healthcare delivery could be improved.

As a result, the CFFL was put forward, and so teams from both areas have come together to
bid for more than £250,000 each to look at improvements to rural settlements and
healthcare. With the University of Lincoln, Nottingham Trent University, Glasgow University
and the University of the Highlands and Islands all supporting, this could see rural healthcare

Another result of the CFFL being centre of a widely publicised bidding process for the Towns
Fund has also meant interest being registered in Mablethorpe and the CFFL perhaps
becoming a test bed for an exciting new range of healthcare technology being pioneered by
Nottingham Trent University. The potential that this key project holds is indeed very exciting
and the fact it is attracting interest ahead of its construction is encouraging to say the least.

The theory that the Towns Fund would be a catalyst is coming to fruition, who knew that
progress would be this rapid?

Ivan Annibal – Rose Regeneration