Mapping Out Success for the Connected Coast

The Connected Coast partnership is making more progress day-to-day and there’s something to be said for seeing visual cues and what the hopes and realities might be for the area going forward.

Through engaging with the public, it’s clear there’s a desire for change. We’ve mainly been taking comments, because of COVID limitations, through the MyTown Portal, a government website intended to record people’s thoughts on what they’d like to see.

As well as this, outreach via social media has thrown us some more engaging comments. Facebook, in particular, has been a real high point for comments coming through.

The outreach, shovel-ready projects and planned developments that have been associated with the Connected Coast and the towns of Skegness and Mablethorpe so far have been wide-ranging and diverse. Here, courtesy of Heta Architects, are visualisations and concepts of what has been gleaned from public outreach so far, the impact of shovel-ready projects and associated developments that it is hoped will appear across the area.

Outreach has been enlightening and a real sense of hope has emerged from outreach so far. Remember that you too can have your say via the MyTown portals, for Skegness and for Mablethorpe.

As well as looking at the potential of development projects, it is clear that there is a desire for change from many corners of the community, as evidenced in the storyboards for Mablethorpe and Skegness.

The vision, hopes and aims of the Connected Coast have also been laid out by the below storyboards by Heta Architects, with development of further outreach to be added as the project devlelops. Please download the storyboards below: